Tupper & Reed

Art direction, branding, print design

The Tupper & Reed cocktail bar was commissioned by the city of Berkeley to pay homage to its historic downtown landmark – the Tupper & Reed music store – which opened in 1906 and operated in for 99 years.

The logo incorporates a typeface that references the original facade signage, a combination of an ampersand and treble clef, and the historic pied piper symbol which still stands tall at the top of the buildings tower. The 43-page menu contains a number of sections that are designed to resemble vintage music score sheets using a variety of flourishing ornaments, illustrations, typefaces, and colors to match the interior decoration of the bar.

Logo Design

Tupper & Reed Logo
Tupper & Reed Treble Clef Ampersand

Full Menu

Tupper & Reed Menu
Tupper & Reed Menu
Tupper & Reed Menu
Tupper & Reed Menu
Tupper & Reed Balcony Menu

Speed Menu

Tupper & Reed Speed Menu


Original facade circa 1925

Original Tupper & Reed Building (ca. 1925)
Tupper & Reed Fascade
Tupper & Reed Logo Signage

Painted by Eric Victorino