Experience Project


Experience Project was the world’s first and largest anonymous social network from 2006 – 2016, where 20+ million monthly users connected with people who have common life experiences.


As lead designer on the product, I worked directly with product management, engineering, and community management on all tasks related to visual design and user experience for web, iOS, and Android platforms.

  • Prototyping and testing flows
  • Asset production for web, iOS, Android
  • Product strategy
  • Creating marketing materials
  • Brand development

Login, Registration, and User Onboarding

The goal of this project was to improve the logged-out homepage’s visual appeal and overall experience in order to boost registration rates and new user retention. Aside from establishing a new marketing style and messaging, we introduced a new user onboarding experience that didn’t exist previously in order to educate new users about the general content architecture and community guidelines of the product.

Login, Registration and User Onboarding

Framework Re-architecture

This project required a full restructuring of the primary navigation and content architecture of an antiquated version of the iOS app in order to drive engagement metrics. Additionally, part of the requirements were to find a solution for integrating a more robust search functionality which would include results from the 4 different content types – Stories, Questions, Groups, and People.

This resulted in one user Home feed with their subscribed content and a separate Explore feed which included the 4 content types which became part of a global search feature.

iOS App Content Architecture Restructuring
iOS App Content Architecture Restructuring
User Types & User Flows
Content Architecture Wireframes

Icebreakers & Stickers

This Icebreaker Messages feature was introduced in order to drive user-to-user engagement by giving users pre-composed greeting messages in order to reduce the pressure of initiating conversation. Another part of this feature included adding the ability to attach stickers and gestures from a library of over 60+ graphics which would be available in the messaging feature and integrate with an incentives system.

Icebreaker Messaging & Sticker Attachments
EP Logo Mark

Branding, Marketing, and UI Designs

Branding, Marketing, and UI Designs Board